Sustainability Plans

ChargeWorks works closely with organisations in producing sustainability plans, these are often critical in securing internal and financial support to achieve your sustainability goals.

Our holistic approach to energy usage combines detailed analysis of your current consumption patterns, our extensive skill set across alternative energy solutions and our knowledge of current market products and usage. We are constantly monitoring government initiatives and market trends that will impact and assist in energy and cost savings. We can provide your organisations with recommendations to achieve both short-term and long term solutions to reach your sustainable energy goals.

Whilst many organisations have begun looking at how to implement solar to reduce their energy costs, the key differentiator that ChargeWorks can offer is through our extensive data analysis we can provide you with the best business case of alternative energy solutions to reduce energy costs. This involves optimising energy tariffs to get more out of them and analysing vehicle fleets which commonly is a better business case than solar.


Health Checks

Our health checks are conducted through extremely detailed analysis of data to identify common billing discrepancies and achieve tariff optimisation to save our clients thousands of dollars. This includes interval metering and load checks, switching sites to certain tariffs and optimising tariffs though considering solar and batteries to reduce peak energy usage and qualify for a more appropriate tariff for your daily energy needs.

These health checks often provide the opportunity to consider other energy efficiency upgrades including lighting, heating and cooling, contract negotiations and back up resilience. ChargeWorks provides pay-back analysis to help you choose the best projects to invest in energy efficiency.

We work closely with Sustainable Council and Communities (SCC) program in NSW. Some of our clients in this space include Campbelltown City Council, Willoughby Council, Cessnock City Council and Lachlan Shire Council