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ChargeWorks are independent consultants in alternative energy solutions and sustainable energy planning.

We are specialists in electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, feasibility assessments and design for solar PV and battery storage systems and associated electrical services infrastructure.

Our Purpose : Managing the Shift to Alternative Energy Systems

We are independent alternative energy and battery storage consultants.

The way in which we generate and consume energy is changing.
New alternative energy technologies, including solar PV, battery storage, and electric vehicles are challenging the status-quo.

ChargeWorks are alternative energy and battery storage consultants providing independent advice to consumers.
We provide concept designs, education and transition recommendation to assist organisations in navigating the evolving technologies and sustainable energy solutions.

Sustainability Planning & Health Checks

Do you wish to reduce your operating costs through alternative energy solutions?
Are you also looking to improve sustainability through renewable energy?

ChargeWorks can help through our comprehensive understanding of  energy solutions. We can assist  your organisation navigate towards a sustainable future. ChargeWorks can recommend real savings relevant to the operating nature of your organisation and save you thousands of dollars. 

Solar & Battery Site Analysis and Go-to-Market Assistance

ChargeWorks can help you understand the energy and cost saving potential of solar and batteries within your organisation.  As independent consultants, we analyse possible sites, energy usages and provide recommendations and concept designs.

We can provide you with templates to go-to-market to get what you really want and evaluate the quality of responses received from suppliers.

Get alternative energy experts on your side.

Navigating the Electric Future

The Electric Future is here. With a rapidly changing market are you struggling to understand how to implement electric vehicles and charging infrastructure into your current operating environment?

ChargeWorks can help in analysing both light and heavy vehicle fleets and associated daily operating demands.
We can provide you with a detailed plan to transition toward the electric future and the associated infrastructure and policies to support this transition.