Solar PV Systems

How ChargeWorks can help…

We offer services to help customers understand batteries and battery solutions, and how it can work with Solar PV or another power source.

We have tools, methods and experience to help businesses:

  • Define their Solar PV System needs, including Battery Readiness
  • Go-to-market with confidence
  • Evaluate the many different solutions that suppliers have to offer

We provide our clients with the confidence that what they are buying will work for them now and in the future.

How it works…

With the right size Solar PV and Battery System it is technically possible to be totally self-sufficient and pay zero for electricity for the life time of the system. The trade-off is that it costs money to install a system that can deliver this capability.

The design of a system that makes economic sense depends on correctly sizing the Solar PV system and considering Battery Storage in the solution. Customers should consider that the cost of batteries is rapidly declining, and if it doesn’t make sense to include battery storage in the system right now, it may make sense in the near future.

The term Battery Ready, refers to a Solar PV system that has been designed exactly for this situation. As soon as battery prices fall below a certain threshold, these Solar PV systems can be complemented with Battery Storage to provide increased self-consumption and even self-sufficiency.

Choosing the right system, including inverters and monitoring systems, is an important consideration for being battery ready. It is sensible to ensure that a Solar PV System does not require expensive upgrades to be able to accommodate Battery Storage.

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