ChargeWorks specialises in feasibility assessments and concept designs for Solar PV and Battery storage. We provide detailed engineering design and technical specifications for solar and batteries including back up.

We have tools, methods and experience to help organisations:

We can help in technical specifications to go-to-market, providing detailed technical requirements explaining to the market exactly what our client requires. By engaging ChargeWorks we can save your organisation thousands of dollars by ensuring we take the guesswork out of quotations and you get a system that is right for you.

  • Define their Solar PV System needs, including Battery Readiness
  • Provide concept designs and solar layouts
  • Go-to-market with confidence
  • Evaluate the many different solutions that suppliers have to offer

What sets ChargeWorks apart is our excellent product knowledge and understanding  of how each product works and is configured as well as their limitations and costs

ChargeWorks helps you choose the right system, including inverters and monitoring systems to ensure the system is efficient, can evolve with technological developments and is financially sound.

We have worked on various Solar PV and Battery Storage projects for Willoughby Council, Ku-ring-gai Council, Schools Infrastructure NSW, Property NSW and the NSW Department of Industry and Planning.