Evan Darmanin

Evan is dedicated to compiling information and presenting the latest developments in battery storage and other clean energy technologies.

He was absolutely critical to the development and delivery of the ‘battery storage for business’ resources that included a comprehensive guide, a condensed guide, an online calculator, a pricing template, an evaluation template, and the complete two day workshop presentation package.

Evan has a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) Elective in Solar Thermal Energy Design and a Bachelor of Commerce (Management Economic Strategy) from UNSW.  He has shown an ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical decision makers, and wears two hats as both an engineer and economist when it comes to battery storage.

Ed Darmanin

Ed is an Electrical Engineer with 35 years experience in Building Services and Lighting. This experience includes the design and commissioning of many complex electrical services projects including battery based UPS and back-up power systems for large data centres and large office tenancy fitouts including financial market dealing rooms as well as basic electrical services for all types of buildings.

Since 2002 he has been a leader in the transformation of the signage and lighting industries through the practical applications of LED lighting technology.

Ed also walks the talk – His house has a 14 kW Solar system with a 22 kWh battery energy storage system and he is approximately 95% electrically self sufficient, this includes provision of power to charge his electric car a BMW i3.