Solving Electrical Connection Upgrade Issues
Overcoming Grid Constraints

If you need to increase power demand at your site, renewable energy systems may be a cheaper and faster option than paying for conventional grid upgrades.

On our previous projects, we have helped clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using carefully designed solar and battery systems – in place of costly grid upgrades imposed by the Network Service Providers. On top of this, these systems are usually designed, installed and operational in a shorter turn around time.

Our designs can assist with:

  • Avoiding or deferring expensive grid upgrades
  • Increasing demand on-site (more Amps/kW)
  • Implementing three phase capability on single-phase connections
  • Improving reliability of electrical supply
  • Reducing electricity costs and achieving sustainability goals
  • Load-shedding and demand management (if required)

We have been engaged on numerous projects for education, sporting facilities, and local and state governments where our clients have been able to increase their site’s power demand, save money and contribute to lowering emissions.

As independent consultants, ChargeWorks can:

  • Consult on the site’s electrical requirements
  • Design a solution and provide technical documentation
  • Prepare request-for-tender/quote materials
  • Assess suppliers’ proposals and oversee installation
  • Assist with system commissioning and on-going monitoring

Contact Us to discuss your site’s requirements and options for expansion.