Battery Storage Consulting

How ChargeWorks can help…

We offer services to help customers understand batteries and battery solutions, and how it can work with Solar PV or another power source.

We have tools, methods and experience to help businesses:

  • Define their battery needs
  • Go-to-market with confidence
  • Evaluate many different solutions that suppliers have to offer
  • Ensure that batteries are installed in a safe and reliable way.

What’s changed lately is…

The rapid improvement of Lithium-ion based battery technology for mass consumption by a large number of manufacturers has improved the technical and physical advantages and pricing to a point where Battery Storage is now financially viable for on-grid applications.

The problem with all this is…

The use of batteries to store electrical energy for use in buildings and homes is currently progressing faster than standards, regulations and industry training can accommodate.

The design of a Battery Storage system to be able to meet the user’s requirements is also relatively complex.
This means that it can be difficult for consumers to evaluate possible solutions and establish a solid basis on which to make a decision.

We are here to help you navigate the new technology and apply it to your business.